Seeking manly scarf pattern

My 18 year-old nephew wants a scarf for his birthday - Navy, gray or black (very exciting). Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d like to knit something that isn’t too boring - maybe an interesting stitch pattern?


A lot of us here have knit the Scrunchable Scarf ( and have enjoyed it. I knit one recently for my husband (see here) and I let him pick out the yarn and he just loves how “squishy” the feel of it is.

U can find a bunch of patterns here, I must say a fave of mine for a man is the Irish Hiking scarf, I think it would look great in any 1 of the colors he suggested :wink:

Thank you! The patterns look great.


This is a scarf I’m making for a guy friend of mine. Its a nice flat, scarf. and because its double knitting – its really warm. here’s my blog about this scarf – it has a bit of the pattern (its really just a play as you go kind of thing). I’ve had fun making it.

oooo I just saw this scarf on knitty:


here is one i think is nice and you can make it for both of you in different colors. i am going to make one for my husband.

I made a scrunchable scarf for my DH. As you can see, he loves it.

How about this one? Even has Manly in the title. I have not knit this scarf, but I did do a swatch to see the cable pattern and it was very nice.

That is SO cool! Are you making it up as you go or do you have a pattern?

I’m making it up as I go. And on all but one of the pattern blocks, I didn’t sketch it out before I knit it: I tried to figure out the color pattern in my head and knit it on the fly – this led to me having to unknit a few sections. But its been a good exercise in creativity. I should be finished soon. I’ll post up final pictures and pattern when I’m done. (Unfortunately I’m on the road a lot the next couple weeks, so it may be a little while).