Seeking Little Wave Cardigan Pattern Help

Currently I am Knitting the Little Wave Cardigan and am uncertain of a portion for this pattern and was wondering if anyone else has some insight on it. It says to continue with the Yoke Decrease Row on the right side for 2 more rows (for me) but at the same time decrease 1 stitch at each Neck edge. That’s where I get lost because I’m just not sure where that one decrease is suppose to go. The rest just confuses me from there. Here is a photo of the portion Im on : Little wave pattern

If anyone can explain this in a more simplified way I’d be so grateful. Still learning to read these patterns.


So if you call the next RS row, row 1 you would decrease on rows 1 and 3. Decrease at the neck edge on row 1 then the decreases depend on the size you’re making. Are you working the 2nd or 3rd size?

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Oh Okay, yea Im working on the 2nd size.

Decrease for the yoke on rows 1 and 3. There should be a description of the yoke decreases earlier in the pattern. It’s probably several decreases after some number of sts.
Decrease for the neck on row 1 and then on rows 7,13,19,25,31 and 37. The neck decreases are at the beginning of the row (k1, ssk) and then on the last 3 sts of the row (k2tog, k1).

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