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Help Please!
currently knitting a baby sweater, pattern Sirdar #1818 (snuggley 4 ply) I completed the sleeves and started the back and fronts. Everything went well until I got to the part where the pattern says divide for back and fronts. It starts off with Patt3 and ends with Patt3. I can not find anyplace on this pattern where it explains what patt3 is, although patt3 is used often from this point on. I e-mailed Sirdar twice with on response. I visited the store where I bought this pattern, and they also were unable to help. Is any one formillar with this pattern? I would love any help you can provide.

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Where in the row does the patt 3 come in? Have you been working garter or rib on the edges?

Usually, ‘patt x’ means to work that many sts in the established pattern. That may mean stockinette, garter, rib, etc…

Suzeeq has the answer I think.

So does Ingrid in asking how the edge sts are done. It seems these should be the ones at both ends of the row.

pattern 3 starts the row and ends the row.

Okay, then you just continue in the same stitch pattern for the 3 sts at the beg and end of the row that you’ve been using.

I’m doing the same pattern and got stuck on the same part!!

The rows before this have a pattern on k1, yfwd, k2tog at each end of the 1st row of a 4 row set.

Looking at the picture, this border continues so I assume you just follow this pattern at the beginning and end of this row. I think the s1 k1 PSSO is for a button hole

Would anyone agree/disagree with this?

I agree. In these instructions, patt 3 refers to the k1, yfwd, k2tog at each end of the row and not to some 3rd pattern stitch of some sort.
The sl1,k1,psso will give you a left leaning decrease.
I hope we get a chance to see photos of your finished sweater. It’s a sweet pattern.

I am knitting a baby sweater and I am to the part were you divide the front and back of the sweater and it says k5 p29 (left) front turn leave rem 99 sts on a spare needle.

Are you unsure what to do here? You’re meant to continue on only the 34sts you’ve already worked (the k5, p29). Turn as you would at the end of a row and continue with the directions.
You can leave the other 99 on a stitch holder or scrap yarn if you like.