Seeking Feb. '02 Knit N Style

Have several things I could trade for Feb '02 Knit N Style Magazine. Really, Im just looking for an entrelac or modular cardigan or shrug or bolero pattern, and I understand this issue contains several.


If you dont find anyone who has it, my LYS has alot of the back copies of Knit N Style- I’ll bet they still have it from last month. I could always pick it up and send it to you.

Oops just realized it was from 2002!

You can order back issues here if no one has it. Or maybe ebay.

I saw a couple on Ebay and I know this issue is listed as available on KnS’s website, but I thought Id try here first… :shrug:

That is a good idea, Kelly. You never know. :wink:

I always start with friends… :grphug: