Seeking Circular Needle Advice

Hello everyone! :waving:

I am about to start on this capelet. The pattern calls for 40" circulars but I only have 24" in those sizes. The cast on is 276 stitches. Do I really need the 40"? I’m a little cash-poor at the moment and would rather not make that purchase if I don’t have to. I don’t like knitting sweaters in the round (weird I know) and so I don’t have much future need for really long circulars either. Thanks for reading! :heart:

Boy, that’s really a tight gauge for that yarn. If you have the yarn, knit a sample of the pattern to see if you get gauge, you might have to go down a size, but that would make it [I]really[/I] dense. But at gauge, the sts would be about 48". It might be a little scrunched up, but you don’t need 40" circs either. If you have to use a different size or find you don’t like the gauge on either needle, you can easily use a 29 or 32" needle too. You can use that size to make smaller blankets or shawls or scarves knit the long way, but a 40" needle has just too much cord.

Hi suzeeq!
Thanks for your very helpful answer! Yes, isn’t the gauge is weird? I’m subbing the Lorna’s Laces Shepard Worsted with Berroco Blackstone Tweed that I got on closeout at (:happydance:) but it appears they have the same gauge. I’m reluctant to do a swatch because it 23 sts to 4" over the chart pattern rows 8-11 using the size 7 needles.
I think all this means I’ll need to knit a largish swatch in the round unless I come up with some better plan. :whoosh:
Maybe I should get at least 32" needles because I’m afraid that having the project really bunched up will throw off my gauge. Do you think that could happen or is it just a matter of will the sts physically fit on the needles?

It is a cable pattern though and as they pull in more than stockinette, you can get a tighter gauge without it being too tight. Shorter circs don’t seem to affect my gauge, though I usually knit a looser one than pattern do, but I wouldn’t think that would mess it up anyway.

You can do a fake in the round gauge like a giant I cord. For this one CO about 30 sts or so, work the first row, then slide the sts back to the beginning of the needle drape the yarn loosely across the back, and do the next row. Repeat.

I’m a loose knitter and I find that too many sts on the needle tends to tighten things up. Plus you’re always fighting to move sts around the needles. I did it once early on for a cabled sweater and vowed never to try [I]that[/I] again.
There’s lots of pretty cable work in this capelet which will pull in the gauge and there’s a video for the circular gauge swatch here.

That’s a great video. I would never have thought to look for that. This site continues to surprise me!

I think I am going to buy at least 32" needles because 24" is just barely bigger than a hat isn’t it? I wish I could get the rainbow Denise set in the KH shop. Maybe later this year. Have you guys ever tried Denise? I generally like KA needles but I also like Bryspun for their tips.

I’m using 32" for my socks and always use 40" for hats and that is my preference. Sue doesn’t mind shorter ones. It’s kind of personal preference as well as project.

I have a set of Denise needles and rarely use them because I prefer a thinner, more flexible cable. I also find the tips to be more difficult to work with. When I bought needles I had to compromise: I really like the nickel plated ones from Knit Picks Options but prefer the tapered tip of the Sunstrucks which I finally decided on. The tapered tip carried more weight in my decision. I think loose knitters are much more likely to prefer the Denise needles. If the Denise needles fit your style of knitting, you just might love them.