Seeking advice for daycare blanket yarn


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a worsted yarn for a blanket that will be going to daycare with my daughter. It needs to be washable, and preferably machine dryable, if such a thing exists.

I have some blankets that I’ve put in the dryer that are made of acrylic, but they are super scratchy, and seem to have just gotten worse over time.

Is there a nicer kind of yarn that can also take some abuse? I usually buy online (Webs and Knit Picks and the like) and also have access to the standard craft stores, so I’m really open to any suggestions.

Acrylic-wise, I actually like Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn and Brava from Knit Picks. Both plenty soft. Knit Picks also sells Mighty Stitch, which is an acrylic/superwash wool blend. Their Swish Worsted is 100% merino superwash. (Website says to lay flat, but it looks like almost everyone just tosses it in the dryer on low heat.)

That said, anything merino isn’t going to be quite as durable/sturdy. Just the nature of the fiber. Expect a lot of pilling, which might be an irrelevant issue in this case.

(Agree about some acrylics just seeming to get worse over time. My husband’s great aunt gave us a crocheted afghan when we got married that I’m pretty sure was made of Red Heart. 20 years of washing has softened it one bit.)

Plymouth Encore is very nice to work with as is Caron Simply Soft. I use Simply Soft for charity sweaters and hats because of its durability and ease of care. Cascade Pacific is also very nice.

I second Plymouth Encore and Brava. I use Encore all the time for charity and child friendly items. It’s very wash and dryable and remains soft. I also just bought some Knitpicks Brava and oh my goodness is it soft! Brava is ON SALE right now which makes it perfect to try!

Looks like it might be time to try Brava! I like their wool, and I hope I can say the same for their other fibers. (And thanks for the tip about it being on sale.)

I have used Caron’s One Pound yarn, as well as Bernat’s Super Value yarn. Both of these are soft AND acrylic.


Cascade 220, worsted weight.

If stitches are not complicated, maybe use 2 strings for a thicker blanket. Even though yarns say machine or just washable, prefer to hand swish wash and rinse in wash machine. Keep bath towel encircled on the object so it doesn’t splay out and loose its shape if you want to spin majority of water out of item.

This project sounds like garter stitch would be a good choice, quicker, it is just going to the Day Care Center. If you machine spin, the blanket will dry overnight. You can lay it out and block it to dry rather than possibly damage it in a dryer. Wether the yarn is machine washable and dryable, I prefer using a safer method as described above.
Also, bath towels, roll blanket up in them to extract excess water before blocking if need be. Don’t like acryllic for afghans, too much pilling. Cascade 220 is wool, lots warmer.

I have knit an afghan with Plymouth yarn, but it develops too much pilling for me. Prefer making hats and scarfs with it.

Oh, forgot to mention my last project knitted with Cascade 220 yarn was on sale for less than $5.00 a skien on the internet.


Cascade 220 felts so unless you want to hand wash a toddler’s blanket I don’t recommend it. You can use Cascade 220 superwash if you want though.

Also…I’ve never had a problem machine wash and drying a good acrylic or acrylic blend yarn.