Seek pattern for leaves like this in socks

Hi all

I have found these divine gorgeous socks from IK I WANT I WANT. -
first picture

But I can’t get the magazine here as far as I can tell, even if I had a credit card, and can’t find a library with it. So I’m thinking I can maybe figure a pattern out for the socks myself AFTER I work out a pattern for the leaves part. That’s the hard bit.

Does anyone have or know of a free pattern for something similar to the leaf part, maybe in a scarf or something? Or anything similar (even if not leafy) in construction? On the net or from a stitch dictionary?

I’m thinking I’ll start off with the Touch of Whimsy leaves and Backyard Leaves if I can’t find anything closer. Any other ideas?



I found this pattern at Hobby Lobby on clearance for about $2. It’s somewhat similar. :shrug:

That sure looks like Becka’s Leaves of Whimsy pattern. It’s wonderful!

I think you’re right, they look the same, thank you.


I think those are the socks from either IK or Vogue magazine from a year ago, I can’t think of the name of the pattern. I saw it a few months after I wrote the Leaves of Whimsy socks for Kemp’s store, but they are very similar as most leafy patterns are…I’m sorry, I wrote the pattern for Kemp as a gift when she opened her store or I would give it to ya…but, you can get it for a super deal at her store, free with any purchase!
And, since you mentioned A Touch of Whimsy leaves…I’m writing a sock pattern for it at the 1st of the year, too.

Oh, I just found these lovely socks called yukon leaves, but they aren’t the leaves you are looking for…look here to see if you see any socks that have leaves that are adapted to circular knitting, might find something that will work for ya :wink:
There are lots of st patterns here and here, too.
Good Luck
Merry Christmas

Thanks guys. Becka, if I end up trying to create something based on the Leaves of Whimsy motif from your scarf or hat, I’ll send you what I get. I’m still not sure whether I want that, or the Backyard Leaves motif, or something created from scratch to match the picture I listed. Yes the blogger says they’re from IK.
Thanks again

That’s so sweet of you :muah: , but you don’t need to do that. I’ve already got the pattern written, I’ve just got to knit the 1st pair before I post it on my blog…I’ve not gotten the socks knit and pattern posted as quickly as I wanted to because the doctor has had me on bedrest for so long and I’ve not been able to knit much…but, I will have it posted as soon as I’m able to do so, just as I promised some time ago :wink:
Thanks a bunch, though :hug:

Yeah! Becka - I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better and may be able to get your Leaves Of Whimsy Socks knit and the pattern posted! Your whole set is so wonderful, I think it will be great when you can have the complete set posted. You’ve been so generous with sharing your creations with us. Your Leaves of Whimsy patterns are gorgeous and you truly are the Sock Queen!

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: