Seeded Cable Cardigan - First Sweater

I have started knitting Classic Elite’s Seeded Cable Cardigan, a pattern from their 9062 Farm booklet. This will be for my mom and will hopefully be finished by Christmas.

Well, I should say that I have tried starting it. I can’t seem to get past the 2nd row for the back … not because it is hard, but because I keep repeating the 1st row, when the 2nd row is actually the reverse of the first row. GAH! If I can’t get myself past the 2nd row … I am in BIG trouble …

Ooh, pretty! Keep at it, I’m sure once you finish a pattern repeat or 2 it will be much easier!

What drives me crazy is that the pattern isn’t hard … it’s just a mind thing … or maybe a lost-my-mind thing … :mrgreen:

Nice sweater. You will get there, it does make you crazy when you just can’t seems to “get it” …

Good Luck!

Oh, that’s pretty. I like that pattern alot. Mom will :heart: it!

And, all together now KHers: :cheering:“You can do it! You can do it!”:cheering:

Thank you, I needed that.

Oooooooo that is pretty, Tracy! :inlove:

I find when doing a complicated pattern that writing down the row numbers with pertinent info helps me out and then I cross each row off as I’ve done it. Something like this so it reminds me as I cross off that the next row will need something. It’s also helpful if you get up for some reason you know where you are in the pattern.

3 inc
6 inc

Cute sweater! I also like your name thingie with the pretty yarn on it.

Thanks for the tip, Jan. I was considering that.

Merigold, I changed the photo to myself in kindgergarten. I think I found that yarn foto by googling an image search of yarn! :slight_smile:

did the knitting of your sweater go pretty fast? I have not attempted a sweater yet. I have to find the right mens sweater, and there isn’t realy a good selection of mens patterns out there.

The sweater looks great

for the buttons you can just pick up stitches and knit along the front.

I think they have the instructions on

Hi Paul,
I just started and this is my first sweater. I am very frustrated right now. The good ol’ 14" needles are not doing the job - I keep on mis-counting and/or dropping/adding stitches along the way. :hair: My progress has been nominial due to necessary unraveling … :frog:

I will have to break down and get a circ needle kit. eBay shopping time! :clink: