Seed stitch

I want to make a scarf starting with a rib pattern then work the seed stitch then end with the rib how would i do that and is there a pattern online somewhere for one thanks for any help Rhonda

You don’t really need a pattern, unless you want to write one out yourself.

Figure how many sts wide you want it to be, should be an even number. If you want 1x1 ribbing, then k1 p1 each row for as long as you want, then switch to seed st, which should start p1, k1 for the first row, then the next row k1 p1. Alternate these two rows till it’s about as long as you want, then switch back to the ribbing.

Thank you for replying to me going to give it a try. thanks again rhonda

I’m glad Sue stepped up and answered. I hesitated because I was wondering about the different gages between rib and seed.:think:

I expect you will find the rib will draw together to reduce the width of the scarf whereas the seed stitch will not. This may not matter to you or for a scarf.

If it does matter, you might want to use a size or two larger needle for the rib, then switch to a smaller size for the seed stitch.

Sue, do you think that would help or might decreases be needed between rib and seed and then increases when switching from seed back to rib?

Or I might just be over thinking it.:shrug:

I just want a scarf with the rib at the bottom then something different in the middle before i rib again i dont know if that makes sense or not i am a begginner. Thanks for all the replys Rhonda

You’re right, Jack, I did think about that, especially for 1x1 rib. a 2x2 or 3x3 or even a 3x1 wouldn’t draw in as much. But I was trying to keep it simple. Maybe wouldn’t have turned out like she wants.

Rhonda, there are a lot of stitch patterns at and that might give you an idea. You can start with garter stitch on the ends, then go into the seed stitch, they would go together bettern than rib and seed.