Seed Stitch

Perhaps I am getting in over my head (as I am knitting for the first time), or perhaps I am missing the required brain cells to learn the seed stitch, but here goes.
How on earth do you get the yarn to the front of your work to do the P1 stitch without twisting everything all funky?? :?? I just don’t get it :frowning:
I can knit my way across a row, and I can pearl my way across, but knitting and pearling in the same row is making my head hurt.

bring the working yarn forward between the needles before you purl.
bring the working yarn back between the needles before you knit.
so you’ll K1 bring forward P1 bring back K1 and so on. you’ll be fine in no time :D! good luck :D!

I watched the videos for ribbing because you do the same kind of thing, and it helped. Though the way she does the knit stitch is different than how I do it, but I still get the same look.
Thanks for replying!

i was doing the same thing!!! i had my yarn wrapped around my needles a million times!! AMy’s video is the only reason i figured it out!! LOL