Seed stitch

Okay, so I really like the look of the seed stitch and would like to make my almost 2 year old a blankie in that stitch, however, the directions say to k1, p1 to the end of the row, then the next row p1, k1 on the wrong side. Huh? I don’t understand what it means on wrong side. Help!

The first row is the right side, the side that faces out, the wrong side is the one that faces in. However, if you’re going to do the whole thing in seed stitch, it’ll be reversible. Just do k1, p1 on one row, and p1, k1 on the next row and alternate them. That means after a couple rows when you forget which row you’re on, just knit the sts that look like purls and purl the sts that look like knits.

Thanks. I found a video after I posted my question. But the whole, “wrong side” still was baffling. Why do they have to tell me that? Ha ha.

If you are like me and don’t like to pearl the first stich in a row, you can also do the seed stich by casting on with an odd number of stitches instead of even and then you get to start each row with a knit

I’m knitting a vest which in part is also the seed stitch. My problem is that I have dropped a stitch (three rows down) and am baffled as to how to pick it up what with the knit/perl alternating. Does anyone know how to pick up a stitch in the seed pattern or know of an online video that demonstrates it?

Well, what I do in this situation is to pick it up with a crochet hook like with stockinette, but turn my knitting over each time so it’s being picked up the right way. Does that make sense?