Seed stitch spacing consistency

Hello fellow knitters,

I’m new to this forum site and have only been knitting for about 4 months. I just started a small blanket a week ago with all seed stitch and I noticed my stitches started out tight (not so tight where it was difficult to knit), but now the stitches are starting to loosen up.

In the beginning the blanket was a bit stiff, but I figured that could be remedied by washing it with some fabric softener. Where I am in the project now feels like the stitches have the perfect spacing.

Should I just start over now, or will it not be noticeable after I wash it?

Welcome to Knitting Help! Based on what you’ve said I suspect the loosening of the stitches is just because you’ve relaxed. That’s not uncommon. Unless the differences huge I think washing and/or blocking it will help it all blend together better when you’re done.

Thank you so much for your input! Could you explain what blocking is please? I’m still learning a lot of knitting terms.

Blocking means to lay something flat and pin it out to size. Most things look a lot nicer after blocking. If you are using a natural fiber you can soak it in a nice wool wash like Soak or Eucalan for 15 min or so then take it out and squeeze gently and lay it out on blocking mats or towels and pin it out to shape and let it air dry. If you want to roll in a towel first do it gently.

Alternatively you can also steam them if they don’t need washing, but don’t touch the fiber and do it lightly.

If you are using acrylic you can often just machine wash and dry, but check the label. Steaming acrylic can kill the fiber so it’s not recommended unless you are extremely careful.

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