Seed stitch Mary Janes

Hi… I made a cute pair of seed stitch Mary Jane type booties in lime green baby yarn… My friend wants me to knit a pair in pink for her son’s soon to be born baby girl… I can not find my pattern… Does anyone have a pattern for something similar… Thanks, Bev

There are a lot of them on Ravelry, including some that have the socks included. I usually find patterns by doing an image search in Google (which is why I was so frustrated at being unable to find the booties pattern I was looking for…



Welcome to KH. Do you know about Ravelry? It’s free and safe to join and gives you access to many, many patterns a lot of which are free. Here’s my search for knit seed stitch baby booties. Maybe one of them is close to what you want. If not and you can find a similar style someone might be able to help you figure out how to do it in seed stitch. Happy knitting!

ETA Oops! I left out Mary Janes. Here’s a revised search.

Hi… My thanks to Justmywebname for replying to my question… I do not know how to do a image search on Google… Maybe I will try tomorrow… I have a picture of the booties… Do I just send it somewhere… Thanks, Bev

My thanks to GrumpyGramma… I did go in and join Ravelry and did find one seed stitch Mary Jane which I may use if I can not come up with mine soon…