Seed stitch issues

Hello my fellow knitters! I am working on a seed stitch hat and have run into an issue with my stitches. I would love it if someone can help me figure out what happened in this row and fix it.
On the last row I noticed that two stitches were crossed over on the needle, but I kept going to see what it would look like for the next row. I am now at that point again and it definitely looks like something went wrong. When you look at the photo, the issue I am seeing is that the next stitch on the left needle doesn’t seem to be needed or pearled from the last row, but maybe there’s even more going on than that… What do you experts say? Thank you so much in advance.

I’m not positive, but I think maybe the stitch wasn’t completed properly. Is there a strand across the back? If there is you may just need to need to fix it as a dropped stitch.

Thank you, Jan. I’ll look up that technique and see if I can fix it.

By way of update . . . I ended up taking it into my local shop. Apparently
I had knit the ladder - 10 seconds and I was back on track! I guess her 17
years’ experience pays off :slight_smile:

Oh good! Sometimes that’s the best way is to see it in person. :+1: