Seed stitch increase in the middle of a hood

I’m a new knitter and I’m trying to knit Roam (which apparently I can’t link to yet :wink: ).

It’s all in seed stitch. The increases in the rest of the pattern were along the edges… or next to a slipped stitch so it kind of made sense.

But now I’m on the hood … and the pattern has increases in the middle of the hood. How do I make an increase without messing up the k,p,k,p pattern? :??

Thanks :smiley:

Since these are single incs, I wouldn’t worry about it, when you do the next inc it’ll put the sts back into pattern. The hood is generally folded up on itself most of the time, and the pattern st won’t show so much, so it shouldn’t be all that noticeable.

I see… so as long as I knit the purls and purl the knits regardless of the k-p-k-p pattern… right? So there will be 2 p’s next to each other but it won’t be noticeable… I think I got it - thank you :happydance: