Seed stitch in the round confusion

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I’m knitting a super chunky seed stitch jumper in the round, which I’ve never done before. The pattern I’m using calls for casting on an even number of stitches (62) on 12mm circular knitting needles, then 5 rounds of 1x1 ribbing before switching to 15mm circular needles and doing 30 rounds of seed stitch. (See attached for screenshot)image

I’m on my fifth round of seed stitch now but it’s not looking like seed stitch to me. Ive been doing a round of k1, p1 repeated then a round of p1 k1 repeated. Am I doing this right? Is just the chunky yarn and large needles that throwing me off? Please see attached picture if work so far!

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It does look as though you’ve gotten off on the pattern. Check that you still have an even number of sts. The pattern should work out as given but really, the best way to work this is to read your knitting. If you see a V, purl it. If you see a bump, knit it. That way, you won’t go wrong.
Can you give us a pattern name? Is it a cardigan and is it really knit in rounds?

Hi Salmonmac,

Many thanks for your reply! Indeed, I think I’ll have to go back a few rows and redo the seed stitch. The pattern I’m following is KNITSAFARI’s seed bomber jacket pattern:

But it is quite in clear when to switch between in the round and knitting flat. The only information given for starting the project is the above attachment for the body panel and the below description on using circular needles.

I’d upload the whole pattern if it weren’t a lisenced and paid product.
I assumed I needed to start off in the round for the ribbing as she writes: 1. With 12mm knitting needles, cast on 54 (62, 70) stitches using the long tail cast on technique. Work in 1x1 rib for 5 rounds.

I’ve then continued to work in the round for the second step: 2. Change to 15mm knitting needles, and work in seed stitch for 30 rows.

Should I not be working in the round for this second step?

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Hello Emma;
The picture shows that that something is going wrong, try to do what Salmonmac told you,
over a v (knit stitch) make a purl and over a bump (purl stc) make a knit
try also to put a mark on the begining of the row, so you can check more easely
Good luck

Seconding salmonmac regarding knitting in the round!! Are you sure you’re meant to do this? Unless there’s a steeking section to cut through later, you are knitting a tube as if for a jumper/pullover with no opening for a cardigan. Maybe you should double check this before going any further.
Regarding seed stitch, I’m with everyone else. Look at your work then purl the knit stitches and knit the purl bumps as they flow :grin:
Good luck with your project

Check the directions for Finishing, i.e. setting in the sleeves, adding the collar and ribbed bands. I agree with notknittingkots about steeking.
This is a bottom up knit and I don’t see any simple way that the body on a beginner pattern would be knit as a tube. The sleeves may be knit in the round if you wish and that’s what the Ravelry tag is referring to.
I see that it says to work 5 rounds of rib but that may be a mistake. Usually there are precise directions to “join to knit in the round being careful not to twist the stitches.” or similar on every circular pattern I’ve ever seen.

Yes, don’t post any more of the pattern due to copyright problems.

ETA I sent a quick email to the company and “rounds” is an error. It should read “rows” and that will be corrected on the next update.