Seed Stitch - HELP!


I am a new knitter and I am attempting a patter that uses seed stitch. I understand what I need to do, but when I do it, it doesn’t look right. It seems like when I do the purl stitch something bad happens. Also, I use the long-tail cast, but I think that is causing some of the problem. Should I use a different cast method for this type of stitch?

Any help on this is appreciated!

How many rows are you getting done before you decide it doesn’t look right? Keep going for at least 6 even more rows before giving up - the first 2-3 rows often look wonky.

I think that cast on method is fine.

Ohhhh…I was only doing two rows before giving up. I will do more rows and see if it looks better. Thank you so much!!!

When you move the yarn to the front to purl (and to the back to knit) it goes between the needle tips, not over the top. You can use any cast on, that’s probably not a factor. It also takes 3 or 4 rows for this pattern to show, before that it looks like a jumble of stitches. There’s a video under Basic stitch pattern on the Tips page for seed stitch, you might CO about 16 sts or so with some leftover yarn, and practice that before working on your pattern.