Seed Stitch hat

I am currently knitting the seed stitch hat on Lionbrand website: it’s a free pattern knit on straight needles. All was well until I reached the decrease rows. I can see from my searches on here that to keep in pattern you would need to decrease two stitches at a time, but the instructions don’t ask for this, so I’m going out of pattern. How can I resolve this: has anyone else used the pattern?
Many thanks

What’s the link to the pattern? We can look at it and help you make sense out of it. Decreasing in ribbing and seed st can be tricky but you can do single decreases.

Is this the hat?

Yes it is! Any help would be great: I’ve undone the first couple of decrease rows twice now. I could make do, but it’d be great to get it right!!


This will help explain it

Thanks for this. Do you mean that I should trust the pattern and do as it says, taking in the fact that there will be discrepancies in the seed stitch in some rows and not others? I shall proceed!

I checked out the blogg and did a real double take over the photo of Miss Marple!! :teehee:


These will help too

Even though you may have 2 knit sts together, it should work out okay on the next round because you may purl 2 together. Yes, go with the pattern. 90% of them know what they’re doing…

It’s worked out really well! I used some alpaka silk that I had left over from a jacket, and it looks great. cloud9 Really nice shape and the shaping changes in the seed stitch look good. Should have trusted the pattern in the first place!!
Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for posting that site, I got a lot out of it.