Seed stitch - center of cardigan front instructions


I am working on this cardigan and don’t understand the instructions regarding how the seed stitch portion (which is actually the buttonband and buttonhole band for the front) is supposed to be “always in the center” and that I may need to reduce or add a row of the ribbing to make that work. I have uploaded both the photo of the cardigan and the instructions that puzzle me - see the little “heart” note. This obviously needs to be done in the first row, so I don’t know how you can tell if something will be centered or not and I also don’t understand how it would NOT be centered automatically if you are casting on the correct amount of stitches. EGAD. Am I being dense here?

I think the designer is being very careful that you don’t end up knitting 2 left or 2 right fronts. The idea is to make sure that the band runs up the center front rather than under the armholes, I suppose.
I take it as a bit of over specification which makes you scratch your head and say, “Well, yeah.”

Thank you, as always, for your help! You are right and because I tend to overthink anyway, this particular designer was REALLY making me scratch my head!

So far, so good. I will post a photo when I finish this - it will be my very first (finished) cardigan as I messed up the first one I tried so badly the only way I could salvage it would be by undoing all the seaming, ripping out the knitting on all pieces, going to bigger needles and re-working the messed up cables. It now resides in my closet awaiting its final fate.