Seed stitch border help, please!


I’m trying to put a seed stitch border on a rectangular baby blanket for a new grandson. All was well till I hit the first corner and thought maybe I could go around by using short rows. Didn’t work out so I am hoping someone will know some magic.

Thanks ever so much!


Are you adding it to a baby blanket after its knit or as you’re knitting it?

Hi, Jan,

I am adding the border to the rest of the finished blanket.

Thanks for the help!


Sorry, first timer…

I’m not following a pattern, made this one up. It’s basically stockinette rectangles with big hearts in them put together like patchwork.

I would use a very long circular needle or two or three, whatever it takes to pick up stitches all around. I’d designate one stitch at each corner that will get an increase on each side on every other round. I would knit in seed stitch in the round. First round, increase before and after each corner stitch, second round work even, repeat the rounds (increasing every other round) until the border is the desired width.

If I’m wrong someone will correct me.