Seed Stich?

Hey Everyone - I am trying, key word trying, to knit a scarf in seed stich, however, I think I am just doing 1x1 ribbing. I casted on 34 stiches and knit / purl every other stich. I end in a purl stich. When I start the new row, do I knit / purl again, or do I purl / knit? I was confused b/c the book I was refering to said to knit the purls and purl the knits, but I thought that was for ribbing, which they say to knit the knits and purl the purls. I am not sure of exact terms, it’s easier for me to just know what to do, haha. Anyone know? Thanks so much!

HI if you purl the purls & knit the knits then you have ribbing if you purl the knits & knit the purls it’s seed so knit,purl,knit,purl&then purl,knit,purl,knit for seed.:slight_smile:

When you start the next row, purl the first st. Knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts [B]as you see them on each row[/B]. Don’t pay attention to what you did on the previous row, just work on the current one.

for a 1 x 1 seed stitch you always do the oppisete of what you are knitting into. So if you have a purl stitch, you knit it. If you have a knit stitch, you purl it.

Also note that the number of stitches you are working your seed stitch over especially for a scarf, you want an odd number of cast on stitches that way when you turn your work you’ll automatically be on track for your seed stitch pattern [I]and[/I] every row knitted is exactly the same.

Sooooooo, Row 1: K1, P1 across which will end with K1 (cause you cast on an odd number of stitches). When you turn your work you’ll see the back side of those K1s and P1s and they’ll look like p1, k1 after turning so just start knitting your same k1, p1 for that second row and each and every row until it’s the desired length.

What Marni is saying is that with an odd number of sts, you’d do k1,p1 every row. With an even number of sts you k1,p1 on one row, p1,k1 on the next and keep alternating.

There was a thread yesterday that would help you a bit. Click on this link. Scroll down to the picture Jan posted that show the stitches. That thread was about ribbing, where, as you look at the new row, what you see you knit. If its a knit, knit it–a purl, purl it.

For seed stitch knowing what the stitches look like will be a great help. As you look at the row you are ready to knit, work the opposite stitch. If what you see is a knit, purl it—if you see a purl as the next stitch, knit it.

You accomplish the same thing by having an uneven number of stitches and doing each row beginning K1, followed P1 alternating all the way across. But that is more the rote method. You will want to learn to not have to think " K, P, K, P, oh, my what was I on a knit or a purl?" If you learn to read the knitting it is always right in front of you telling you what to do and you don’t have to remember. Much easier over the long haul. The picture will help along with what everyone has said.

Very well said, Merigold!

I don’t know what I would do without this forum (probably have a lot of unused yarn lying around)! Thank you so much to everyone who responded - it’s appreciated. I think I get it now! First off I wasn’t recognizing stiches, just going by memory, so that will help and second I wasn’t realizing that a knit stich can be come a purl once turned over, so hence, I really just need to recognize the stiches. THANKS! I am gonna try and start a seed stich scarf tonight, instead of the 1x1 ribbing I was doing, thinking I was dong seed, haha.