Seed Stich III I think

Okay I bought a pattern book the other day that has an afghan in it with the above stich throughout it says it is for beginners but I must be thick cause I can’t figure it out for the life of me.
The pattern reads: 1st row knit(got that one :roflhard: )
2nd row K1, *K1B. K1. Rep from * to end of row Okay I have tried the knit 1 below as they have a diagram in the book but I can’t seem to get it, Is there a video anywhere on this .
p.s 3rd row is a knit :happydance:

Amy has video on k1 below.

Thanks Ingrid!! I looked at the basic and advanced technics on the site but couldn’t find it thanks for finding it for me :hug: :muah:

There are LOTS of videos in the Abbreviations section.

Does your pattern call it a Seed Stitch? It sounds like a fisherman’s rib that I do and one that I find much easier than the patterns that have YOs and sl stitches. You knit every row, but because of the k1b, it makes a rib.


There isn’t really a name for it on the pattern but yes it is all knit rows with this thrown in in the middle ie knit row 1, knit 1,k1b,knit 1 keep repeating this pattern til end of row then knit row 3.And I believe so on. :happydance: