Seed (moss) stitch: slip or work first stitch in a row?

I just taught myself to knit with the videos here a week ago, and I’m already starting a new project. I’m doing a fine seed stitch (size 3 needles, 50 gauge merino? Not sure… still learning how to talk about it) and I got to the second row before I realised I wasn’t sure if slipping the first stitch was a good idea.


You can slip the first st if you want. Just remember that you will purl the knit sts and knit the purl sts however you come to them on the row you’re doing now.

It may depend on you project. Slipped stitches make a nice edge for a project like a scarf that will not be seamed. But even then it is a matter of choice and the look you want.

But if you are going to seam the piece it is a choice not so much of what looks good, but what you like to work from for seaming. Some people swear by slipping stitches for all their seaming. I personally don’t do that. And I took a finishing class and the teacher said, “Don’t slip if you’re going to seam.” So people have individual preferences. You’ll have to learn what works best for you. :slight_smile: