See yas next year

I know i’m not that famous here yet, one day i’ll be a knitting star :mrgreen: , but i’m leaving tomorrow to go back home for Christmas leave and won’t have internet :pout: I’ll be back after the 1st though. I guess I will stick with making a bunch of ballbands seeings how I bought way too much cotton yarn. But thank you everyone for your help, and I hope you all have a great holiday season!

Enjoy your leave with your family. I’m sure they’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Enjoy!!! See ya’ back around next year!:cheering:

U R Famoos now!
Have a fun and safe holiday! See ya next year! :thumbsup:

enjoy leave with your family - imagine they will be glad to have you home.
That’s cool you’re in Ft Drum - my dad is Navy and we spent many a year in Watertown and Clayton (actually spent every summer of my life here) and we always did all our shopping out at Drum.
Is home any warmer than Drum?

Have a great time with your family and a safe journey. See you soon :waving:

:happydance: Have fun!!

Have a safe trip! Have a great time with your family, and don’t forget us here! “See you” in 2008!