Secure nylon crochet thread?

I bought myself some nylon thread with the intentions of making myself something. Then I started doing some research and found out that it can be tricky securing this thread so that it doesn’t come undone. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

If you can’t do it in the traditional way of just weaving in you can tie a knot and weave or actually tack the ends down with needle and thread.

Depending on what the finished item is and how discrete you can do it, you can use super glue. Yes, I’ve done this many times when making pop tab purses using 18 gauge nylon crochet thread that un-plies easily. Tacking would probably work too, but I would either burn the ends together or super glue them so they don’t un-ply.[I] (is un-plying even a word?)[/I]

I make a knot around a stitch at the end of my work and add a tiny drop of glue so it goes down into the knot. Then I weave in the ends for a few sts; splice the ply and weave those splices in different directions. Again I knot the spliced ends further down my work and apply a drop of glue. I’m a bit paranoid that it will come undone and hundreds of pop tabs will go flying thus the extra weaving, knotting and gluing.

My bags are lined so the glue isn’t seen. It does make the knot secure, but hard to the touch. I would experiment on a scrap piece before trying it on your finished item.

Oh, and try not to glue your fingers to the nylon. :teehee:

This site may be of help to you. It shows how to tie knots in fishing line. Fishing line is even worse to deal with than what you have, so this should work. The improved clinch line is the one we always used when fishing and it never came loose.

Thanks for all the replies!!! I will try each method and go from there. It unravels when I cut it so now I have something to work with!!!

when you say tack, are you meaning tack down my unraveled ends with a seperate needle and thread?? Sorry my brain is on lunch break right now! lol

Yes, needle and regular sewing thread.