Secret Place for Yarn


Don’t tell anyone… :slight_smile:

Tuesday Morning stores sometimes carry yarn - it’s mostly fun fur, ribbon, tape, mohair versus plain yarn - but if you are into that sort of stuff, the prices are really good (e.g. ribbon for $13 at LYS was $2.49 here). I saw Lion Brand and a couple other brands as well. Alas, no Manos or Noro or Mmmmm…but hey, it’s still a great deal! :teehee:

Yeah! they also have this alpaca blend yarn too Queensland I think. Also their novelty yarn is from places like Italy and France so it makes you feel fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for posting this, there is a Tuesday Morning store right down the street from my house and I have never been there before but you can bet I will be going there soon :smiley:

I used to live near one and heard about it, but never saw any there. Of course I only dropped by a few times…

lol, my secret place for yarn is Big Lots…

i am just a beginner, so i haven’t dived into the world of nice, soft yarn yet—but i went to big lots a few weeks ago, and found five huge plastic bins full of yarn–mainly acrylic, but a few wool blends, and i built up my stash.

about 24 skeins for 30 bucks…who can beat that? and now i have tons of cool yarn to practice with!

thanks for the tuesday morning tip!

I know some people poo poo the Boye Needlemaster set, but I got 2 interchangeable sets (I wanted a second and my mother wanted her first) there for $25/each !!!

thank you!