Secret Pals, Knitting Swaps, Etc

I am really interested in particapating in one of these, can anyone give me info about them and where to find them?

we just are finishing up with the last one… we’re down to the last 2 to receive.

Generally, just watch the posts… since we all ( it seems) has loved it, I’m sure there will be another one soon.

So, just watch, join in… and know you’re welcome.

I want to join the next one too! It was fun watching you guys get your parcels and sharing in your enjoyment.

I already have a few ideas on what I would put in a parcel!

Looking forward to joining in

The swap was so much fun - I met the nicest people through the swap. The person that sent me yarn lives in California and I am hoping that she come to NY to visit one of these days. The person that I sent yarn to lives just ouside of Amsterdam and since I will be going there in September I know that I will get to meet her then. Since she is from NY too originally I am already starting to think about what suprises I can bring her… (bagels!)

With that said what does everyone think of doing another swap soon but this time it is 2 packages - one with suprise yarn and then a month or 2 later we would send a second one where we actually make something to send to our swapper? It could be something as simple as a scarf or a bag like the booga bag.

I would even be willing to coordinate if Kblue did not want to do it again…

Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone would be interested.


Oh that sounds like fun. I would be interested in joining!

I’m so in! This one was so much fun and I just can’t wait!!

mmmmmm… bagels!!! :eyebrow: “everything” bagels are my favorite… ya know… in case you were wondering.

(OT: Lynn, I got your last email and will respond in a bit, it’s been crazy around here.)

So, when is the next swap? I’m in! I had a blast and I got to know some lovely ladies :heart:

Me too! Me too! I’ve just been trying to figure out what they were all about - and I like the idea with 2 packages - more fun! Keep us posted -

I think I would be interested in this. It sounds like a great way to make even more knitting friends.

Me me me!!! :slight_smile:

i had fun (mostly) but would love to do it again. a longer swap would be fun… i think sending two ‘secret’ packages, reveling yourself w/ the second package, and sending a thank-you knit (scarf/booga/socks/hat) would be great!

OK :teehee:

I am in! I missed the first swap and so want to be in the next one.

If you want to “organize” a swap, check out the other swap threads, either here on in the KAL forum… organizing can be tedious, so maybe you could also talk to the other people who have been involved.

It’s so fun being a secret pal! I’m glad that so many of you are interested!

I’d be more than willing to organize a swap…I’m pretty good at those things (says modest me)

So, how does this work exactly? Do we have a wish list…or does the person just send whatever. I’m new to a lot of this stuff.

we answered a questionare, likes, dislikes, outside of knitting hobbies. some of us also created an anonymous email accunts to email our reciever. teasing or getting more info on what they like.
each person who signed up chose a price range they were comfortable spending in and we had a loose ‘deadline’ to ship by. most of the swappers included little gifts like stitch markers and patterns. somtimes tasty treats like chocolate. these were in addition to the cost of the yarn. shipping was also not included in the price range chosen.
it was alot of fun shopping for someone else. kblue did a great job matching up people with other who seemed to have similar tastes. that was neat!
overall, this was a great experience! it also allows you to maybe buy and check out yarns you wouldn’t have other wise chosen. the nice thing about the oe time swap with no real deadline was that it gave you more wiggle room for ordering yarn online istead of a LYS purchase, wich can sometimes let you get more yarn for your money for your reciever… more yarn is alway great :mrgreen:

keep in mind that you don’t have to include little extra gifties.

I’d want to - & no missing the deadline hopefully. :doh:
the knitting part sounds fun!

Once the current swap ends, I’ll post something in the KAL forum and see if the group is ready for another.

The last one we did was two part…but it was both yarn. I kinda like the idea of the second half knitting something…