Secret of the Stole KAL?

I just happened to see it on Ravelry, and joined the Yahoo group for it as well. Its a beaded stole, but beads are not required…

The membership closes on October 4th…with the first clue coming on the 5th.

The swatch info is up in the Yahoo group, and it looks pretty!

Im going to cast on for the swatch as soon as my circs from KP get here.

Anyone else interested? I missed on MS3, so I thought Id try this one for my first lace project…it is VERY VERY simple…

I’ve joined – even though I’m not quite through knitting MS3. It looks like fun.

I’m also doing it… even though my MS3 isn’t done :teehee:

I’m going to start this one on time and do my best to stay caught up so I can finish it… :teehee:

Im looking forward to trying this. The swatch pattern looks terribly easy, and it just called my name…

I swear, it jumped on my screen in Ravelry too.

Thanks for posting this! I joined, just need to order some yarn :heart:

I’m in this one as well :slight_smile: It will be fun to go through it with my KH buds! :woohoo:

Dustina-I just realized that I never answered your pm :shifty:

I am using some lace weight that a woman is dying special for me. Its a deep red. I can’t wait to see it.
No beads for me though. I am sure that it will be pretty I just really think that one new thing at a time is enough for me. :wink:

mmm… do I?? mmm… I have some laceweight yarn… just sitting there… mmmmmm…

I just signed up. It looks like it will be great fun and is my very first laceweight lacey project. I have Malabrigo Lacewight yarn in pearl, and plently of seed beads to choose from. I can’t wait until October 5th.

I cast on for my swatch last night with sz. 3s.

I think I need to go buy some size 4s today. And maybe some 5s too. Just for comparison sakes.

I’m joining in too. I was part of MS3 but didn’t care for the final design and will not finish it (I wasn’t very far along anyway), so I’ll just re-purpose the yarn (ebony Zephry wool/silk) and beads I had for that. No clue when I will get around to swatching - although since I liked the fabric I got on my abortive MS3 I may just skip the swatch and use the same needles as for that. :think:

Yup signed up and I think this is going to be fun. I just have to buy some yarn:clink: always a reason to buy.

So glad that I am going to be doing a chart that I have never done.:waah: I know I can get the help here thank goodness.:happydance::happydance:

I was wondering what yarn is everyone going to use. I am going to get the lace weight I just don’t know what kind I want to get. I like the Shadow from Knit Picks, but I love the Baby Alpaca.cloud9 I think the colors are much better. Well I guess I just made up my mind:flirt: I just have to figure what color to buy. :passedout: Oh well the fun of just being able to buy some nice yarn again.:roflhard:

I have also signed up for this; I can’t wait until it starts! I have ordered the Shadow from KnitPicks and I’m stalking the mailman until he gets here!

I got Shadow from KP in Campfire Heather…

I used the only sz 4s I could find in town, and those were DPNs.

Ive got a sz 3 circ…(too small)

A sz 5 straight…need to reswatch…

but the sz 4s look too small too.

I joined a few days ago too!
I’m using Cashwool and no beads. Will be swatching sometime today!

I swatched…

And Ive decided I need to buckle down and sigh order the KP size 4 and 5 circs and reswatch. I used some size 5 straights, and the tips were SO blunt, it was a pain.

Oh Papergirl is that the color you are using. It is beautiful along with your beads.
Right now I have to wait until the first of the month to buy yarn. I think I am going to get the shadow from KnitPicks. I just can’t wait to start. I did the swatch in fingering wt. that is all I have at the moment. Not to bad. Just don’t have a camera.

I ordered a free sample of Zephyr from sarah’s yarns to swatch. She’s included a color card with my order - can’t wait to get it in the mail. From the pic online I’m leaning towards the color peacock. I’m thinking about using a bead color that will stand out - like silver or gold. I’m liking the metallic beads in the the rainbow spectrum.

I’m using Knitpicks Shadow in Oregon Coast…sooo soft cloud9

If y’all are using circs…what size cable are you using?

I need to order the 4s…but Im thinking the 24 inch length?