Second Sock Swap

Just out of curiosity, does anyone want to pair with me on this and help co-ordinate? I am about ready to start this and wondered if anyone wanted to be one of the co-ordinators to help me with it?

If you are interested, email me at secondsockswap (at) gmail (dot) com. Just remember to change the email to a proper address so it will work.

And, for everyone else, get your thinking caps on, calls for signups will happen by Wed at the latest!


:?? :?? :?? Call me silly, but what exactly is a Second Sock Swap? :?? :?? :??

Basically its a swap where you only have to knit one sock (in the yarn and pattern of your choosing) and then you send it all out to your swap partner and they finish the pair. This way, everyone gets a pair of socks without ever having to knit the second sock in the pair. Good for everyone who has ever had a case of sock-itis.

See the original thread here:


I cant wait