Second Sock Swap - The Official KAL -- Updated

Ok, here are the details:

Consider this the official call to sign up for the SecondSockSwap. The deadline to sign up is August 18, 2006.

The object of the SecondSockSwap is to only have to knit one sock and end up with 2 socks. How? Well…

Once you have signed up, you can start to collect your things. Sock yarn (enough for 2 socks), needles, and all other accessories are a must. You will also need to find a pattern that you think you will be able to complete in a month. I say a month because I know lots of you will be joining in Sockwars and I wanted to make sure it didn’t overlap. Remember, you are only going to be knitting one sock, so a month should be sufficent time to get it done. All Socks are to be completed and in the mail by September 22, 06.

Once you have finished the first sock, please send it, along with all yarn and any other accessories that you may want to send (ie darning needles) to your swap pal. Its up to you if you want to send your working sock needles along as well or just put the whole thing on waste yarn to send to your sock buddy.

When you get your name, please get in contact with your SecondSockSwap pal to let them know that you have their name. Keep in contact with them as best you can. We all know that life happens but don’t let your partner think you forgot about them!

As with the secret yarn swap – If you do not hear from your secret pal or do not receive your sock please contact us at We ask that you do NOT post it on the KH forums in any way. We have a great bunch of people here and don’t want to spoil that. We never know when life is going to get in the way of fun like this and we do not want to shame or offend anybody.Also, if you find that you are not able to continue with the swap, please let us know and we will try to make other arrangments for you. We want to be able to get your partners taken care of as soon as possible.

Please also remember that this will take some comittment on your part. If you do not think that you will be able to complete one sock in a month, don’t join. We realize that there may be extenuating circumstances and we will try to make allowances for these.

The ultimate goal is to finish one sock and get it in the mail. Once the first sock and the rest of the yarn arrives at your swap pal’s place, the recipient will only then need to complete the second sock to have a finished pair - thus, the SecondSockSwap.

Have fun with this! I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished sock.

Emails should be sent to:

Please copy and paste the questionaire below and send it in your email so that we can properly match people. PLEASE do not forget to include your KH Screen name so your swap pal will know who they are swapping with!

  1. Your name (first name, last name, KH Screen name):
  2. Your primary e-mail address:
  3. Your mailing address:
  4. Your blog/website:
  5. Your preference for sock yarn – wool or cotton?
  6. Do you prefer to send only to a pal who is either in the same country as you are?
  7. Your (US) shoe size?
  8. Are you allergic or adverse to any types of yarns?
  9. Any colors you prefer?
  10. Is your home smoke/pet-free?
  11. Do you have any allergies to pets or smoke?
  12. Anything that you would like your swap pal to know about you? (other hobbies, interests, etc)
  13. Your experience with sock knitting? (beginner, intermediate or expert)
  14. Do you have a gauge preference? (ie. dk, worsted, or fingering)
  15. Please indicate if you are willing to be a Secret Pal Ambassador and jump in as a replacement to delinquent Pals if called upon.

Thanks & Have FUN!!!

Hi all,

Just a quick note –

So far, only one person has signed up and I don’t think it will be worth doing a swap unless there are at least 10 (and hopefully more) people signing up.

I know everyone is busy and some may be waiting to think it over. I don’t want to rush anyone, you still have until August 18 to sign up.

I am thinking this will be a ton of fun, so if you are sitting on the fence, come on over and sign up!! What could be better than having only one sock to complete??


Ok, just a quick heads up. The second sock swap has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

What about taking off the dead line date and make starting date when ten or more have signed up.

I just read this tonight 8-19.
I would be interested.