Second Row Woes

Please help! I am slowly getting the hang of the basics, and can cast on and knit my first row, but when it comes to starting the second, I just get long loopy-knots far away from the needle, which ruins the first row as well. What am I doing wrong? >.<

Is there any way you can post a picture of what’s happening? I just can’t envision long loopy loops or why they would happen if the first row is knit correctly. :thinking:

Something I know that I did at the beginning when I was learning, if I was doing garter stitch (knit every row) instead of keeping the yarn at the back of the work when starting the next row, I had it at the front so everytime I made a new stitch I was bringing my working yarn underneath my work to make the stitch and it made a tangled mess, let me tell you! Could your problem be something similar??

I get a bunch of loopy things on my 2nd row as well. I couldn’t figure it out at first but it turns out it was the stitches, but they were just poking out a bit.

If you keep knitting what happens? I suspect that’s what is happening with you as well. To find out, tug on the cast-on edge (the end of the work) gently and the loops will dissolve into the work and become stitches that are normal looking.

Thanks for your replies, it turned out that it was a problem with my yarn being on the wrong side like what happened with knitqueen.

Phew, one more problem down. :slight_smile: