Second Row Knitting

Hello Friends!

For some reason I have to purl every other row to make it look like I knitted every row! What AM I doing wrong? Does any body know?

When doing a pattern I have just started doing the opposite of what it says on every other row to make it look right. This is ridiculous…


–Karen Sofie

Regular stockinette stitch is knit one row, purl one row. There is an obvious right side and wrong side.
If you’re doing garter stitch, then it’s knit EVERY row.
If you’re knitting in the round, then stockinette stitch is done by knitting every stitch every row, all the time unless there’s a design or something where you would have to purl or yo or something else.

Please give a link to the pattern when asking questions if at all possible. We can help you better that way sometimes. Sknitter is correct in the info she gave you about stockinette if that is what you are doing.

Thank you for your help! The pattern requires that I K3 P2 K2 P2…K3.
The next row simply states that I should “knit the knits and Purl the purls” So I P3 K2 P2… etc. Does that help do explain? I’m very new to this…am I doing this backwards?

THanks again!

When you K3, P2, K2, P2, …K3 it sounds like you are making ribbing with a 3 stitch border on each end. You are right since you end with K3 when you turn you will purl those three, then k2, P2. You want all the purl bumps to line up on each side and all the flat knit “vees” to line up as well. This will be the case on each side. It pays to learn to look at a stitch and work what you see. If the next stitch has the bump right under the loop on the needle it is a purl, purl it, if the stitch is flat it is a knit, knit it.