Second pair of sox OTN

I found some Cascade Fixation so I have my second pair of sox OTN. Im not thrilled with the colours, but at least its Fixation and Im making a pair of sox for me! I love knitting with this yarn. Its great to work with. Ill let you know how the sock turns out when its done and post a picture.

I like that yarn too. I have two pairs otn’s now. I completed a pair of them in the solid pink. I knit them for a friend about a year ago. I’m not to good at completing socks :sad:

There LYS I went to only had two or three colours and all of them were awful, but it was Fixation and so I got some to give it a try. They probably won`t get used much, but at least I will know if I like the yarn enough to have it shipped from the States for me, which I think I do. I will know when I am finished this sock.

Anyways, Ill finish mine if you finish yours, ok Indygirl! Lets go…

OK! It’s a deal. I have the first cuff done. I am almost finished with my dgd’s clogs. I just need to do the last sole and felt them. Then I’ll get on with the socks. I should start them by tomorrow. Thanks for the insentive :wink:

You are welcome. Lets get Fixationed!!! Im at 5 inches on the first leg, no cuff, I am doing a picot edged leg. Good luck!