Second pair of eyes for this pattern

[FONT=Palatino Linotype][FONT=Verdana]Hi - the link to the very nice hat pattern in question is:[/FONT]


I am looking at the photo of the hat & I don’t see how it matches the pattern. Points of question:

round #5 has you knitting fingering weight w/ the #7’s; round #12 has you change to #2’s for the main yarn - worsted weight. When I look at the photo of the hat, I think rounds #5-11 are knit with fingering on the #2’s. And, round #16, “change to #7 and join secondary (fingering) yarn.” HUH???

Am I being difficult,i.e., thick headed, or do you think I should be switching to #2’s for rounds 5-11 & going back to the #7’s for the ww at round #12?

Merci - maureen:grphug:

I get it !!!
the pattern is absolutely correct as written.
I need glasses…and knittin’ wisdom…