Second (Cotton!) wedding anniversary

Hi everyone!

My wife’s an avid knitter, and we’ll be celebrating our second wedding anniversary soon! I thought I’d come and ask for your help!

I’d love to buy her something knitting-related, this being her passion and this being our cotton anniversary. However, I don’t want to just buy some regular cotton yarn, which I know she has plenty and buys often.

Anyone has any suggestions of what would be a fun, more unique kitting-related cotton anniversary present for her?

Even if it’s a more unique cotton yarn would be fine - just trying to avoid the run-of-the-mill ones. Or something else, not yarn, but cotton-and-knitting related

Thank you SO much in advance!!

What a thoughtful idea! I wonder about a nice project bag or general knitting bag? Or maybe two bags in different sizes? There are some very pretty quilted bags in various sizes and they are always handy to have.

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