Seattle/tacoma area

there is a bead festival this week, 13-15th. i just found out about it. i might go saturday, see if i can find some beads for a 2nd MS3, and maybe something that work as buttons too. the $7 admission is good for all 3 days… just curious if anyone else might be going!


Dat be a berry berry dangewous place! :roflhard:

Dunno if I’d be allowed to go! Got to check with da keeper of da sanity… (that would be my cat) :thumbsup:

Hmmm… :shrug:

Thanks for posting the info! (I think…)


your welcome! :lol:

i think i will take just cash, so as not to be tempted to spend more than i should!!

For me, it wouldn’t be the immediate buys, it would be the catalogs and addresses for future visits that would be the most cost prohibitive!


Kitty’s telling me to go and get her more toys… fat lot of good she is as the sanity keeper! :??