Seattle LYS

I will be in Seattle in two weeks and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some cool LYSs to check out while I’m there?

The big ole US Yarn Store Map shows 30 shops in the greater Seattle area :happydance:

I have a great one! The only problem is that it’s in Spokane which is about a 5 hour drive from Seattle. :wink:

Have fun and be sure to show all the yarn porn. lol

That’s the hard part. I was hoping to get help narrowing the list down! I will be in the downtown Seattle area.

Let’s see… My favorites are:
Hilltop Yarn located on the top of Queen Anne hill (but a bit on the expensive side),
Acorn Street Shop located north of University Village shopping center,
and The Weaving Works in the university district.

The Fiber Gallery is north of the zoo and was nice the one time I was in there.

There are two shops in downtown Seattle, but I have never been to either so can’t give you a review - Tricoter and So Much Yarn

Hope that helps!

My hotel is close to Hilltop (like a 5 min drive), so I’m sure I will check it out!
Thanks for all the suggestions.