Searching for weird i-cord hair hat pattern

My daughter swears she saw this hat on Knitty Gritty; I can’t recall and can’t find the pattern. Anyone recall what it was named or possibly have the pattern?
Thanks bunches!

I think I remember seeing a hat like that, but I’m having trouble finding it, too. I found this one from Magknits:

I’ll keep you posted if I can find the i-cord one… :confused:


I think this is the one - they aren’t i-cords, though, they are twisted.


It’s called a Man’s Rasta hat… hope it is what you were looking for :slight_smile:

Maybe this bowl of spaghetti hat?,2025,DIY_14141_5261998,00.html


I bet that is the one she’s looking for, since she specified i-cord. I had forgotten about that one!!

These don’t have icord either, but they are what I instantly thought of when I read the thread title.Girl Boy

Hereis an i-cord “hair” hat that I have made in baby sizes before. Not sure if it is what you were looking for, but…

But I have to say the little “Girl Hair Hat” above made me laugh!

Hmm…it’s not the ol’ “Umbilical Cord” hat? Not sure if it’s on Knitty Gritty, thought I saw it on the forums here, though…very strange hat, IMO…sorry don’t have the link!


:ick: I thought it was “bowl of spaghetti” but that’s not it. I think the “mens rasta” is probably closest. I might give it a try and just not put the twists so far down. Goofy kid. My luck if I ever find and make it she won’t wear it anyway.
Thanks so much for all your help and responses! This is the third bb I’ve posted on looking for it and have gotten more help and response here! Guess I know where to look for help first next time!
You folks are great!

Hi Stef - you are welcome for the response - and yes! this is the place to come when you have questions. I’ve been bailed out a few times!

I think on the episode the Men’s Rasta Hat was on, they showed a couple of different versions. However, they were all made with basically the same technique!

Good luck with pleasing your daughter! :slight_smile: