Searching for specific sock pattern on 00 needles

Once I came across a sock pattern done on 00 needles w/ a teeny tiny gauge. I thought I bookmarked it, for later when I had made more socks. Now I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve Googled and searched Ravelry but I’ve had no luck. Does anybody know where this pattern is?

I found two free ones on Ravelry and one you buy. (I used the advanced search) Here’s the free ones.

Thanks-I found those, and the one I’m remembering is another one. I wasn’t on Ravelry back then-it was on some other website. I really like that first one though (of the 2 you posted).

I’m sorry I didn’t find it. There are so many sock patterns it’s hard to find w/o having some type of specific search technique I think. :think:

I have been making some socks using lace weight yarn. I haven’t found a set of 00 needles yet, but have been using 0’s. I have made one pair using the Fawkes pattern.

I added one repeat of the pattern which was 15 stitches and it was enough to be sure the sock fit comfortably. They are my favorite socks. I made another pair just generic sock pattern and increased the cast on stitches to get the right size.
If you find a pattern you like, it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust stitch count to adapt to a finer yarn and smaller needles.