Searching for Simple Beginner hat pattern

My sister was just diagnosed with Stage 3 breast Cancer. She wants me to knit or crochet her a hat to keep her warm when she starts to lose her hair from the Radiation and Chemo. I have never knitted or crocheted a hat but I am willing to try especially for her. Any suggestions? I have never tried circular knitting or knitting in the round, but I have a friend at work that could keep me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Most cancer patients that I’ve known prefer knitted hats. Crochet often has a looser fabric. The yarn is very important, too. It must be very soft. Wool or animal fiber of any yoe is not a good idea. The one I use most is Berroco Comfort. It’s 50/50 acrylic and nylon.

I have a bunch bookmarked and will post them when I’m back on the computer.

Jan I would appreciate that. I have some alpaca/acrylic blend and some angora/acrylic blend, I recently purchased. Would one of these work, or would 100% cotton" Baby yarn type" be better. I have been going to the store and brushing the yarn against my cheek to decide if it is soft enough. Thank you for you input.

From what I’ve read you should stick to cotton, nylon and microfiber.

Angora and alpaca can be itchy, even for people who don’t have sensitive skin. Stick with very soft, smooth yarn. Lion has microspun, a soft microfiber yarn. If the baby cotton is really soft, that would be good. Caron SS is another one that people use a lot for chemo hats.

Knitting Pattern Central has a TON of hats and several of them are specifically designed for chemo patients.

Also, Head Huggers has a bunch and they’re specifically oriented to chemo patients.

Give my best to your sister, okay?

Thank you. I really appreciate the help. I am still very much a nube when it comes to knitting. I will give her your best. I know she appreciates the well wishes and prayers of even strangers.

I’m sorry to hear of your sister’s illness. I dont’ know of specific patterns but you could probably find something at Beyond that, make it her favorite color or colors and help brighten her days a little.

Here are a number of hats that might work: [=chemo"][pattern]=chemo]([pattern)