Searching for rolled brim hat pattern

How do I get help looking for a specific pattern: a hat with what looks like a rolled brim but is a knitted tube that you stuff and attach.
Is there information on how to post etc. on here this is the first time I have used a forum like this.

I answered you here:
This would be the best section of the forum for the complete post. Do you have a photo of the specific type of hat?

ETA I wonder if the hat is like this one?

The piece for the brim is a tube that is stuffed and attached not just a plain rolled brim, but thanks. It’s got to be around somewhere :slight_smile:

Do you have a picture or can you link to a picture of the hat you have in mind? A stuffed brim is something I’m having trouble picturing.

it’s a knitted tube stuffed and sewn onto the cap portion of the hat so similar to rolled but a little more elegant, I guess.

I wonder if you could adapt a simple hat pattern and add an I-cord brim? If you wanted the brim fatter than an I-cord, you could do just as you describe: knit a tube and stuff it, then sew it to the hat edge.

yes, I’m just not sure how they took an inch or so side tube stuffed it and attached it without it sagging and I believe there was a second one to attach so I really wish I could find the directions. thanks again

Might be i-cord, but knitted on. That won’t sag.

How do you know it’s stuffed? Where did you see it? I really wish I could at least see a picture. This is bugging me. :hair:

the original pattern and picture showed that as a matter of fact, I think it had two, because I have two 1 in wide tubes almost finished but I cannot find the pattern.
So I really wish someone had seen this pattern, I can’t remember where I got it from, if I purchased it. Very upsetting.

I found a crochet pattern. It says “Roll 5 rnds of brim to right side of Hat and sew in place inserting a length of cotton stuffing inside brim.” I think you could do the same with a knit hat. I’ll look a little more and see if I can come up with a knit pattern but the same technique should work IMO.

ETA crochet pattern

thanks! I look every day, that 's the first thing I’ve heard similar to mine.

That’s all I have found. I think if you knit a hat with a long brim you could roll it up the same way. Happy :knitting: .

If you hand-knit i-cord, it almost always shows a “seam” of loose stitches down the back. That’s easy to pick up–really, all you need to do is run a circular needle through the cord and knit the “bars” as stitches, twisting them if need be to close them up. After a row or two, stuff the i-cord and graft the ends (or stick a flower over it :)) and you can do the top of the hat however you want.

Most of the time, I can use 72 stitches in aran-weight yarn to make a hat that will fit other people (my huge head notwithstanding.) Worsted takes about 84. If you knit really tight or loose, or with bigger or smaller yarn, you’ll need to adjust that.