Searching for Mitten Pattern

A few years back there was this great pattern for these mittens or maybe fingerless gloves. They were long going all the way to the elbow. They started off (at the elbow) with a typical snowflake but it “evolved” into a skull by the time you reached the hand. I want to make these for one of my kids for this winter and now I can’t find the pattern anywhere. I’ve looked at Knitty. I looked at Anti-craft. I looked at Goth Knits. I’ve looked at Mag Knits. I did a cursory look through Knitting Pattern Central, but didn’t find anything that instantly popped out at me. Anyone? Bueller?

That pattern is awesome! I may have to knit it too.

Thanks Jints, that was it. I wonder why I couldn’t find it when I looked there earlier? Hmmm. Something was against me. :slight_smile: