Searching for Kipper - Help Please!


I have a 15 month old that just LOVES Kipper. I have a friend that knits and said she would make him if we could get a pattern. I can’t seem to find a pattern (I’ve tried ebay and Google).

Does anyone know how I can get the pattern? If anyoe has it would they be willing to share it or sell it to me?

My daughter turns 2 at the beginning of May and I was hoping to have one for her Birthday. Her 8 year old sister is sewing Kipper blanket to give her baby sister and I have a basket like Kipper’s but it is just not complete without Kipper.


On Ravelry it says that there is an Alan Dart pattern for Kipper the Dog, but it was in “Women’s Weekly, April 20, 1999”. Maybe you can find that magazine on Ebay. Here’s some back issues that you may possibly find it, too.

Or maybe since kids that age aren’t too picky maybe you could turn another pattern into a “Kipper-like” dog if you used the right colors?

Can someone help me? I am searching for the pattern of Kipper that was published in the Womens Weekly of april 1999.

I would be most grateful.


I couldn’t find a currently available copy of the magazine. It might be worth it to keep checking for it though. Jan’s idea af adapting a different pattern is a good one (see post above).
I wondered if it would be worth writing to the designer but found this on the Alan Dart FAQ page:

Where can I buy the patterns you designed of well-known characters like Brambly Hedge and Beatrix Potter?
…All the patterns for these and other licensed characters are now long out of print and the licenses to sell them have expired. A licensed character is one that appears in other mediums, such as books, films, or television programmes and, although I own the copyright to the pattern instructions, a very expensive license would need to be purchased for each collection of characters before they could be reissued. In the past, all the licenses were bought by the companies that printed the leaflets, and because the license fees are so high I can’t afford to buy new licenses in order to reissue the patterns myself, so this is why they are no longer available. You may be able to find some original patterns offered for sale, but photocopies, CDs and downloads of these designs are illegal because they not only infringe my copyright but also that of the creators of the characters and/or their agents,…
See more at: