Searching for just the right yarn...and pattern?

I want to make a shaw for evening wear…I would like to find a black yarn with glits (silver and/or gold) in the yarn…since Walmart is the only store that carries yarn in my town—I will probably need to order the yarn.

Have any of you out there in larger towns where there are more yarn shops seen anything that you think migth work?


I made a shawl with Patons Brilliant and it was a dream to work with. It basically works up like a sport weight. The yarn almost seemed woven, so it didn’t split at all. It’s not the cheapest {around $5 CAN a ball}, but it wasn’t the most expensive either! I know you can get it at Michaels, WM doesn’t carry any Patons at all.

Just checked out the yarn and found it at joanne’s and was wondering if it would look okay doubled and knitted on larger than 5 kneedle?

Not sure how glitzy you want, but I bought some Katia Sevilla for that kind of use. It’s shimmery and appropriate for evening without being too fuzzy or gaudy.

I think it would look perfectly fine doubled. It doesn’t have a variegation to it at all, and the filament is evenly woven in to the yarn. There is only one problem with it, and that is that the ends fray, so it isn’t suitable for a normal fringe. It has to do with the woven nautre of it… think of a shoelace. The fringe I put on my shawl was a loopy sc, and I used a single drop of fray check on the ends after I wove them in.

I was just going to do something simple like a triangle—but was wondering what pattern you used…I wasn’t really planning to put a fringe…I was thinking that fringe might make it more casual looking.

like the Katia Sevilla but more…I can find a bag of 10 skeins on line for under $30 and have enough yarn to make a shaw for my 28 year old daughter too.