searching for free knit kitty hideaway

I would like to knit something like this for my bunnies but have only found crochet patterns. Has anyone seen a simple, free knit pattern?

I have many bunnies that I would like to make a few since they love their hammocks I sewed. Any suggestions?

Here’s a felted cocoon that might work.

Thank you Jan I think it will work. I will have to research the magic loop method. Thanks for your help! :smiley:

There is a tutorial at the top of the page, plus here’s some more info.

Thank you Jan, you are always so helpful. Would it be okay to double up on just an acrylic yarn? Because I don’t have enough wool to do the felting technique.

No, you really need a yarn that felts. That would be 100% wool and not super wash. I’m not sure what would happen if you tried to felt two strands of yarn where one is not felt-able. I suspect it would leave holes or a very loose fabric that wouldn’t hold it’s shape if it even felts at all. You could do a swatch and see what happens though.

When I was searching I considered baskets as way to create this hideaway, but without felting most would be too floppy. Felting gives support if it’s felted enough. Another thing to consider when making things for rabbits is they like to chew (or so I’ve been told) and yarn can be dangerous. So always check whatever they are hiding in for chew marks.

Thanks Jan. I will wait and get pure wool to get the right affect. I decided to make them for cats instead to sell at caft shows, my bunnies chew a lot and knit caves wouldn’t last long. Thank you for your advice, this helps.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: