Searching for cotton short sleeved pullover pattern

About 16 years ago I made a cotton pullover. It was made with a knotty type of cotton yarn. I really loved it and wore it often, however, after some weight gain I ended up giving it away. I am looking for the pattern now but cant seem to find it. It had a rounded neck at the front and a v neck at the back…I believe that the yarn was called cotton twill (but not sure about that). It didnt have separate sleeves but more like little extensions on the top itself. If anyone can help me with this one, or has a pattern that sounds similar…Id really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

sorry…I must mention…it was very simply done … only st st and k1 p1 ribbing…

Sorry, that pattern not sounding familiar so can’t help there.
But yarn name, could it be Twilleys??? Have heard that name before in yarns.
Otherwise you might try here for LOTS of free patterns and possible alternative.

Thanks … been there…but didnt find it…