Searching for coat pattern online

Several months ago, I came across a knitting pattern for a coat with a flower motif knitted into the back. The coat in the illustration was green. I thought I saved the purchase information, but when I went back to buy it, I only had a picture. Does anyone remember seeing this pattern and where it was featured? I would appreciate any information.

You know, I think I do remember it! I’ll have to see if I can find it. There might be more than though.

Not green, but here’s one. I remember another so if I find it ill post it.

Or maybe this one…


Jan, You are the BOMB! I can’t believe you remembered it and found it that fast! Thank you, Thank you!

Jan, that’s impressive…even for you! :thumbsup: It looks like it took you about 3 minutes.

:teehee: Glad I found it!

There’s also a similar pattern to the first link Jan posted. It’s in the November 2011 [I]Creative Knitting[/I] magazine. The main difference (from what I can tell) is that this pattern uses two colors of yarn (white, beige, and then white and beige knitted together).

You can see a video of it here (featured at the 3 minute mark).