Searching for Canadian patterns

Looking for any patterns related to Canadian pride! ie. with a maple leaf on it. I’ve already searched on Ravelry and found a few. Just thought I’d see if anyone here could let me know where else to look.
Thanks guys!

I made a felted purse from a pattern I found at in their 1908 fall edition - you can find it in their archives. It has a maple leaf on the front in intarsia. The pattern version was made with three colors of worsted, two shades of green and rust for the leaf. You might like that one. I made the same purse with one skein of Patons Classic Wool without doing the maple leaf. It is an easy purse with a strap.

Check through the knitting crafts at Canadian Livingmagazine, there may be something there.

If you use different search terms you can sometimes find different ones, too. You can adjust colors to suit if they aren’t quite right. Not sure if you saw these -

Thanks everyone… very helpful, as always!

I just found a free pattern you might like on the Briggs and Little yarn website. It is a Canadian Pride sweater with maple leaves, etc. on it. You might like these websites too - and