Searching for Berroco Comfort projects

I would like to make a Pinwheel blanket for my baby (due in June) and would like very much to use a varigated yarn. My favorite yarn so far is Berocoo Comfort. It is soo hard for me to visualize how colors will knit-up from just looking at the skein. I was trying to search for projects on Ravelry, but cannot get it to find the specific colors I am interested in…is there something I am missing or does someone know a good way to go about making this decision?

Which colorway are you planning to use?

What colorway are you going to use? Baby yarn or worsted? Variegated yarns often look better with simple patterns because the details in the yarn can hide the stitch pattern. Depends on the yarn though.

I love Comfort! I make most chemo caps out of it and am making a sweater for myself. It can be a little splitty, but that doesn’t bother me.

If you click on this link You can choose from a bunch of free patterns.

Or on Ravelry you can look for the yarn and then look at what people have made with it.

Thank you for you help. I am trying to decide btwn 9837, 9833, 9830 in the Berroco Comfort. I phrased my questions poorly, I have a simple pinwheel pattern I would like to use, I just wanted to see other projects people had made with these colorways to see how they look once knit-up. I finally figured out how to condense my search on ravelry to only contain those 3 colorways.

If you have an opinion on which would make the nicest boy blanket, I am still undecided even after seeing them knit-up.

thanks again

Here’s the Ravelry pattern pages with the yarn colors for others to look at. Although I think any of them would be good for a boy I have a slight preference toward 9837 and 9830.

I’m not a huge fan of pinwheel blankets myself, but I think any of them would look good with it. :thumbsup: