Searching for a knit design

I know it’s out there, but I just can’t seem to find it again. It’s on a site that has other free patterns. Please, I think someone even provided a link to this website in these forums somewhere, but it still eludes me. Here’ how I would describe it:

The picture I saw was not a garment of anything, but I think it was kind of like a swatch just to show the design. The yarn colour looked like a beige-brown. The pattern looked like imperfect seashells or seaweed. It was just the raised outline over stockinette.

Please, please, please, if you know what I’m talking about, add your comments to the thread. I would really love to find it again.

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Thankies :slight_smile:

Belderaan - you are too funny. Was happy to see something on knit a long when I went there! Keep looking and everyone’s soooo quiet. Yes, I heard the echo.


There’s a song out there called “Bump, Bump, Bump”. Who’s the artist again? I only remember the one part of the chorus. It goes like, “bump, bump, bump.”

ok ive been searching… is this what you were looking for? it sounds like your discription… if not tell me i will keep searching

It’s not that pattern, but thank you so incredibly much for helping me try to find my mystery swatch. I went through all of those cloth patterns, some of which are very nice, and the Honeycomb pattern resembles it the closest. It’s just a bit more abstract I think. I don’t remember the design being symmetrical.

hugs Nicoley

I think the artist(s) is(are) B2K. :wink:

ive looked at a million diffrent links… im sorry i cant find it… HUGS i will keep looking though … :!:

beld, Just a suggestion but have you tried looking in your history on your pc. If you don’t delete history it might be there.

I have found so many things that i cannot remember where i saw them at then go into my H and there it is.

Good luck…

Hi Anne~

I’ve thought of that already, but it won’t work for me. I always like to keep my comp free of that stuff, so I have my settings clear Temp Internet Files after I log off each session and to only remember websites that I type in for 7 days only.

I remembered something else about the pattern. It was an experiment I think.

Thanks for joining me on my search, which is feeling more like a difficult quest.

I’ve seen a few swatch pieces over on, when I went on a search through their free scarf patterns. Maybe it was one of those?

Here are a couple examples, though they’re not the color you described:

Well, the swatch isn’t beige-brown, but the background is … Open Honeycomb? :??

So far the closest resemblance is the honeycomb pattern. There’s no holes. It’s some kind of “vein” pattern over stockinette.

Could it be from THIS site?

no, but that’s an excellent reference page. Something I bookmarked.

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I wonder if I found that mystery pattern … :??

I didn’t find it online, but I was looking through my book and found two things that might be the object your dee-Zz’eye-yaahh (aka desire giggle).

Check out this book the next time you’re in Borders or Barnes & Nobles … or your library … or … well, you get the point :smiley: Check out “Two Color Lattice” on page 222 AND “Butterfly Quilting” on page 223.

I hope I’m getting close :oops: :?? :pray:

**Beld wanders over to the corner innocently :?eyebrow: **

As soon as my library’s website is back up and running, I’ll see if they have it.

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